Town and Country Logo Icon

Town & Country Rebrand


Town & Country Realty's branding was old and dated, I was a part of the team developing the new brand identity. My role in this project was developing the concept, brand guidelines, signage, and print materials. This branding project was also the recipient of an American Graphic Design Award for logo design.


A dated brand identity system with a recognizable color palette.


Maintain the recognizability of the iconic Willamette Valley brand while creating a fresh and new branding system.


Making small color updates but creating a new icon and typeface could retain recognizability while bringing a fresh facelift to the brand.


Sketching and more sketching

Starting from scratch by exploring what makes the brand recognizable was an important part of the process. We started by pulling out pieces from the old logo and seeing if anything was usable in the new icon. We ultimately pulled out the ampersand and used this in the new logomark.

Web screenshot of multiple search icons on the same page.
Updated Typeface

We pulled out some recognizable letterforms from the original typeface for the logotype.