Persona Logo with multiple colors in a link pattern

Persona Component Creation


As a contract UX designer I was tasked with improving the design system, overhauling the browser extension, improving user login/sign-up, and starting development on a mobile app. Taking existing design elements and simplifying user flows has helped to improve overall user experience and increase user sign-up.


Inconsistent design system patterns caused the overall experience to be disjointed.


Simplify components and refine the existing design system to improve user experience.


Creating simple patterns will allow for faster implementation of components.


Simplifying pop-ups

I wanted to apply some UX principals to the components being updated. Fitt's Law came into my mind as I approached the clickable pop-ups. Increasing the size of the button text and reducing the information helped users quickly see the information displayed. Moving the 'update login' button to the right was another small change that had an impact for first-time users.

A modal dropdown showing the text "Update Password?" with an old and new version with the new version showing a simplified password example.