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Navigation Redesign


This case study showcases just one piece of the navigation redesign effort; the research and user testing phase. This was a joint effort between myself and our head of product design, with valuable input from the engineering and product teams.


A legacy navigation structure with issues that included repeat terminology, confusing navigation structure, and a poor usability score.


Create a flexible navigation structure that can fit the expanding platform while increasing usability.


A combination of nested navigation elements, a consistent toolbar, and a simplified admin navigation should solve most of the current problems.

๐Ÿ”ฌ Research

Problems with our current navigation

As a team we first took a look at navigation structures and supporting studies for multi-level navigation. We found that our current navigation structure tested the lowest in usability. We also took a look at our current pain-points and how they were affecting our users. We found things like repeat terminology was a major issue.
Multi-level navigation study

Screenshot of 4 different navigation structures. With the top-left-top being the current structure.
Web screenshot of multiple search icons on the same page.

Other Issues

Repeat Terminology, inconsistent toolbar, unnecessary admin header.