In the process of creating new tools for event creators, the project of sharing events on LinkedIn was born. This new tool helps creators raise awareness of their events and brand, leading to more attendees and ticket sales. With the rise of business events, the ability to quickly and easily share these events on LinkedIn was a huge opportunity for creators. We wanted to focus on creators needs first and create a framework for future event sharing tools.

I joined this team after the initial kickoff and into V.1 of the project. I had the opportunity to refine designs, explore edge cases, improve usability, and create a detailed user flow. After V.1 I had the opportunity to lead design for Schedule on linkedIn (V.2).


No LinkedIn integration and a dated social sharing system.


Create a streamlined process to allow creators to share an event directly after creation.


Creating a simple, intuitive, experience will increase the amount of times creators share their event on LinkedIn.

Share on LinkedIn


This intuitive feature allowed creators to quickly share their events on LinkedIn by filling out the details and clicking "Post". All images, descriptions, and details could be pulled from the event itself to streamline the process.

A web screenshot of a share on linked tool with description fields, a preview image, and a post to LinkedIn button.
A list of small interactions on icons. Showing different hover, click, and tooltip states of a clear and restore original description icon.


Focusing on small interactions to simplify this process was very important. We wanted small interactions to help the creator quickly change details on their post.

We added the ability to clear their default event description, or revert to the same details they have on their event.

This small interaction allowed users to not need to reference the event they were posting and rather just focus on the post itself – keeping them in the flow of the experience.

Share on LinkedIn


Scheduling gave creators the ability to create posts ahead of time and schedule them to post at a later date. Our next challenge was to solve the trial/subscription wall behind this new schedule feature.

A Share on LinkedIn web feature screenshot with a new area highlighted, showing the ability to post Now or Schedule for Later.
A modal with information on the new Share on LInkedIn feature, with a call to action for users to "Subscribe to Boost"

Subscription Modal

One-click trial card

Trial Card Experiment

With the original trial and subscription modals being built for entirely different experiences, we knew we needed a custom solution for this feature.

After seeing how poorly the modal was performing, we dove head first into solving this trial issue.

We finally landed on a one-click trial experience. This new experience allowed us to keep the users attention on the task that was at hand. Keeping the user in the flow led to more trial starts and overall more creators coming back to the feature.

A list of screenshots for a card that has a call to action to start a trial. Each screenshot shows the trial loading, then starting, then expiring after 30 days.

Other Improvements

A window showing a schedule for later feature with a marketing tip as to when the best time to post on LinkedIn is.

Insider Tip

We learned from research that creators were also hoping for more direction when posting. As a quick win, we built a mini insider tip to give additional insight to creators.

Mini Tour Tip

Since this interaction was an addition to the V.1 of Share on LinkedIn, we wanted to call attention during the flow so it wouldn't be missed upon initial rollout.

a screenshot of two options to post now or later and a message saying "get your message to the right people, at the right time by scheduling ahead".